Since several years, I’m helping team to transform, sometime in a Agile’s way, sometimes in a technical way (CI / CD / DevOps / Craft /…) .
All the times, I’m facing challenges. That’s normal, it’s a change, and you can not change persons.

Last week, we did an agile meeting with some friends, and we try to figure out / summarize the good practices to give to a tech lead, a scrum master, or simply to any change actors.

The first element to take into account, when you want to promote a change is to define a GOAL or an objective. This is important, because everyone will take a different path, but everyone should go in the same direction. The goal should be CLEAR, Achievable, and be time-boxed.

As example : everyone should have at least one project, with some valuable automated test, by the end of the month. Of course valuable, and some may lead to discussion. But it can be a team agreement to review others test to ensure value.

The second element is SHARING, that seems obvious, if you want to have everyone in the same direction, you should share this goal and objective. Often it’s implicit or not clear.  This will also give the necessary support to early adopter or leader to encourage everyone in the team to try the new method.

The third element is to value the success, the effort, and even some failures if they help person to learn.

Do not forget, everyone is different, the needs, the motivations, and the path will be different for everyone. So ONE solution or path will not satisfy everybody.

Either you have a good experience, and you may try to propose several path, adapted to everyone, elsewhere you may help everyone to find his path.

This post is just some notes for me, to remind me how important are this 3 steps in all transformation.