Mr Build wonder how to start to solve its issues. He knows, several path are possible.
He know his goal : have a perfect build …. but hesitate with the path too choose.

several path

So, first of all, defined the priority of the issues. Mister Build, organize/prioritize the issue as :

  1. Does compiling trunk and a branch at the same time on the computer lead to a random result ? yep … i try it … and discover some tests not able to run in parallel … In his mind mister build expect to be able to mount a second build box in parallel.
  2. Do you have a problem if your build server is down ? yes, even if I did a standard installation, lot of plugin, lot of configuration file to recreate … In is mind, mister build expect to mount / automatize the creation of the second box.
  3. Does changing your source code repository will cost you some (too much) money ? yep … too many location for configuration, some (too much) of the build configuration information are defined on the CI scheduler … Too far away to have a clean vision
  4. Do you need to change your setup generation, each time you change a dependencies ? yep, even if setup package collect automatically all sub dependencies, i need a manual step to put them in the setup configuration file. Too far away to have a clean vision

So, we have a list of issues, a battle plan … so let solve the issues.

Mister build got his first car ! he’s level One

07 voiture