Agility (Scrum) with Students

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Last time I got 3 students, we organized the work in Scrum, or an adapted Scrum.

Why Scrum :

  1. It’s was a good training for me as Scrum Master
  2. It’s was a good training for them as student 🙂
  3. It’s was a good training exercise to plan tasks / to evaluate tasks duration, and the immediate feed back (every day, as all tasks are small) or the weekly discussion was very valuable for them.
  4. It’s a good way to ensure they don’t go to far on a topic, and keep focus on the priority.
  5. Good way to ensure communication among team members

Why adapted :

  1. I didn’t let them choose the task, the tree student got different objectives, so, most of the time, the task was design for a student…. (yes … i was product owner at the same time …. poor student)
  2. Some generic tasks, were shared (or can be taken by any one) … but there was not lot of them ….. But they have also to learn lot of stuff, and the learning depends of the initial skill…. difficult to put task that can be taken by all of them.
  3. The two first sprints I did the duration evaluation, and try to make  them understand what i Call ‘task finished’ (ie :  code written, test written, documentation written, integration validated …..).
  4. The third one i let them evaluate (define the task duration), … , lot of under estimation, but in two sprint that was corrected.
  5. Also, the activity of splitting features into task, was assisted during 6/7 sprints, and they start to do it fully after. I did that in order to avoid too many new things at the begging. They had also to understand the company, the tools, to work in a team, …. I wanted to avoid too many new stuff.

Feed back : great experience, according to them, fully different from what they learn at school, but very challenging.

Other feed back : with Scrum you have to work all the time ! 😀 Did they expect to sleep at work ?????

Yahoo Tech Pulse

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I was one of the lucky guys who can go to the Yahoo tech pulse. Hundred of guys showing their great technology stuff. This event was for Yahoo’s. So, i can not say to much on the technologies saw, but just that was great. I think soon you’ll see some of this stuff on YDN (Yahoo developper network), and you should be able to use this nice stuff soon.
For the pict, just have a look on flickr and shearch for Tech pulse stuff !

Enjoy !