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Immediate benefice of opening a blog, I’ve discovered the blog of vikashazrati, because he use the same tag than me 🙂
So, after a quick overview, it seems very interesting, i should spend some time reading it.

Yahoo pipes

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I don’t like reading blogs !!!! (that’s why i’m writing one 🙂 ), what annoy me is : i know too many people having one, and i can’t follow them on a regular basis. So what i need is :

either an efficient search tools to look for topic interesting me, only on this subset of blog

or and efficient way of filtering them.

I’ve start trying the second approach, and I’ve play with yahoo pipes. Easy to set up, and it did nearly what i want. I was also able to customize the output to fit my purpose.

you can see an example at :


Static code analysis

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My current hobby is to find efficient / easy to use / and well package tools to analyse code.

For those of you who don’t know these technics,  I’ll summarize them as : ‘tools which analyse your source code, in order to help you to find potentiel bugs, or it try to convince you to change your way of programming and may give you some new programming hits, ….,’.

If your build process is clean, or if you use a standard IDE, adding these tools is very cheap, and the benefice is great.

One more ….

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Some of my friends start again their blog,  i was thinking, why not ….. 🙂

So, taking two minutes of my time, looks for a blog site … and create my own.